Help us Plant A Tree with NFF

RepairXpert team is proud to announce the start of a new social initiative and partnership with the National Forest Foundation(NFF). Whenever our customers purchase a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) product or repair hardware (screens, batteries, charging ports) we pledge a gift to the NFF, and they plant a tree.

 The goal is to promote ecology and environmental awareness. We feel compelled to get involved in this way because of our experience in the electronic repair business. We have seen first-hand the magnitude of industrial waste, and we have decided our efforts to advocate for global ecological health.

 The very business model of RepairXpert encourages people to conserve, through the sale of refurbished electronics and the repair and renewal of devices. Used products are too often discarded with little regard to environmental consequence. The culture of consumerism enables a tremendous material demand that feeds waste production and exhausts finite, precious resources. The love and dedication our team has for this beautiful planet have now transformed our concern into meaningful action.

 We have fantastic customers at RepairXpert, and our partnership with the NFF takes a portion of their business with us and plants a tree. 

Save money and help save planet Earth with RepairXpert and National Forest Foundation.