Five Ways One Can Save On Monthly Cell Phone Bill

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Here are five ways one can save on monthly cell phone bill. The unforgiving monthly expense of a cell phone bill, which only increases in cost. Postpaid carrier like At&t, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile rule the American cell phone market. These top 4 providers own over 75% of the market share.

Carrier's like At&t / Verizon are considered best in service with the most expensive plans. T-Mobile & Sprint are in the race to gain more market share with attractive cheaper plans. Here are 5 ways you can save money on your cell phone bill every month.

1. SWITCH TO PREPAID - Prepaying for phone plans is new to the USA, whereas the rest of the world is far ahead. Prepaid carriers are gaining some much-needed momentum in the US market. Switching to prepaid is very easy and affordable. Carriers like Metro PCS, H2O, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Lyca, Boost, Cricket all offer plans as low as $19 for unlimited talk and text. All you have to do is keep enough balance on your phone plan account, so it auto refills after 30 days. If you miss the payment date, you can always refill using credit/debit card or visit a nearest multi-carrier / carrier store.

2. EMPLOYMENT-BASED DISCOUNTS - Most carriers offer discounts from 3% to 22% based on your employer. If you work for UPS, USPS, Teachers, large corporations, Banks, hospitals, etc. check with your carrier to find out if your company qualifies for any discounts.

3. OWN YOUR DEVICE / BRING YOUR OWN PHONE ( BYOD ) - Owning your phone outright is very useful in reducing your phone bill. When you have to pay for a device, the retail price of the device is added on to the bill in monthly increments. The smart way would be to purchase a generation before the current latest equipment. Example, iPhone X is currently the newest device in Apple's iPhone line up, the iPhone 8 is still remarkably good and does pretty much what one would expect from a smartphone.

4. MERGE TO A FAMILY PLAN - Carrier discount on multi-lines. Just like your car or home insurance company, carriers like multiple lines on one account and they reward it with discounted plans. Family plans are generally 30% cheaper than single plans. So, bring a few friends together or family, getting a multi-line account will save everyone money.

5. CHECK FOR PROMOTIONS & UNNECESSARY FEATURES - Carriers always upgrade there plans and promotions based on market demand. Being on the latest plans generally save money and offer more perks. Carriers are notorious with adding features which you may or may not use. It is always good to check your bill in detail to make sure you're not paying for any additional features. Example, you traveled overseas and added an international calling feature and forgot to remove it. Just checking the bill detail page or calling customer service will ensure you're not paying for unused features.

The above mentioned five ways are ways you can save money every month, money saved is money earned. Do check with your carrier, as every carrier is different and some may or may not offer all the discounts, some discounts may or may not apply to your type of account. Also, keep in mind that the percentage of a discount offer at any given time might change. I believe you now know the five ways to save on your cell phone bill each month. Thank you for reading my blog, please like and leave a comment below, your feedback is very important to me; it helps me in helping you.

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