Dirty Little Secret About Your SmartPhone

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The dirty little secret about your smartphone has to do with the charging port. Yes, the charging port, which is the place where dust and other small direct collects and makes it difficult to charge our smartphones. Lint from clothing is the most famous known substance that gets accumulated in the charging port.

When guys put the device in their pant pockets, ladies in the handbag, chances are lint is somehow making its way into the charging port. Equipment carries energy that attracts specific material that gets accumulated inside the charging port.



A simple, proven way to remove this unnecessary garbage or clean your charging port is with a dry toothbrush. Yes, you read that right it's our toothbrush that will help remove any dirt from the charging port without damaging it. Make sure the toothbrush is dry before rubbing it parallel to the charging port. Do not try to insert the toothbrush into the opening, gently rub the charging port opening with the nylon bristles. The bristles will be able to pull any dust without damaging the inside of the charging port.

Make sure you don't put too much pressure and be gentle with the whole process. You don't want to damage any insides of the device which may cause not charging or short circuit the motherboard.

This simple technique will help you clear any dust or particles stuck inside your charging port with ease. If you like this article, please leave like and a comment below. I believe, Help me Help you.

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